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Who is Buda Consulting?
  • Buda Consulting is a group of expert Database Designers and Administrators.
  • Headquartered in Central New Jersey
  • Willing to travel and meet potential clients face-to-face.
Why should you partner with Buda Consulting?
  • We make you look good: our partners consistently tell us that we make them look good when they refer us!
  • Unlike other consulting firms, we actually listen to what your customer wants, and we actually deliver it.
  • Solid real world experience: No-one has been certified as an Oracle DBA longer then Bob Buda! And we have extensive SQL Server and MySQL expertise as well.
  • You get a referral fee for every job that you pass to us, or you can re-bill our work, your choice.
How does Buda provide value to your customers?
  • We provide Database architecture, design, implementation and administration services.
  • We architect and implement robust disaster recovery plans to protect your customer’s data.
  • We implement Database hardware and software solutions including Oracle RAC, Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Database Firewall, SQL Server Always-on, and MySQL Clustering and Replication.
  • We implement Transparent Data Encryption in Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.
  • We build robust, reliable interfaces between internal and external systems or between in-house legacy systems and packaged solutions such as SAP.
  • We help customers document, plan and execute their migration to:
    • Updated physical hardware
    • Virtual infrastructure
    • Cloud Infrastructure
  • We help customers architect and plan their long-term database strategy.
  • We help customers tune and optimize their database.
When should you refer a customer to Buda Consulting?
  • Your customer does not have the in-house expertise or time to manage their databases effectively.
  • Your customer has a current database administration provider that is unresponsive or lacks expertise.
  • Your customer has an in-house DBA but needs to back-up their in-house staff for uninterrupted coverage.
  • Your customer is having pain related to their data or database(s).
  • Your customer wants to ensure that they have a rock solid disaster recovery plan in place.
  • Your customer is considering upgrading to a technology that they are unfamiliar with (Oracle RAC, In-Memory database option, etc) and are not sure how to do this properly.
What benefits can the customer expect?
  • A reliable database that your customer can count on at all times.
  • Interfaces your customer can count on to reliably sync their applications.
  • Your customer will have a tuned and optimized database, with a plan for future growth.
  • Your customer will save money with more efficient allocation of IT budget and resources.
How to contact Buda Consulting?
  • Bob Buda, Principal Consultant
  • O: 888-809-4803  C: 609 647-2000