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  • 7 New Offerings: Oracle Steps Up Its Big Data Game

    Apr 1, 2015

    Reading Time: 3 minutes For any big data effort to succeed, an organization needs to figure out how to combine the right data from the right sources to generate the right insights to achieve its goals. Transactional applications might hold data on customer purchases, for instance. But their browsing patterns, loyalty interactions and responses to tweeted offers are probably in web-based systems. You need to pull all the pieces together to solve the puzzle and exploit new opportunities. Oracle…..

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  • Still Think Your Business is Too Small for Big Data?

    Mar 25, 2015

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Just because your business isn’t that big doesn’t mean you don’t have “big data” issues or a need for big data-style analytics to remain competitive. “Big data” is a relative term—relative to needs and capabilities for making business decisions, that is. Nearly every organization, whatever its size, will sooner or later reach the point where the volume, variety and velocity of the data it needs to analyze exceeds its storage and/or computational capacity, such that…..

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  • Is Your Oracle DBA a Big Data DBA? 3 Key Skills Can Help.

    Jul 28, 2014

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Does your organization have key Oracle DBA skills that can help you to derive value from big data? And what is “big data” anyhow? Does it just relate to big (like petabyte-sized) databases? Or is there more to it? Besides being simply “big,” big data has two other key attributes: It can also include a heterogeneous mix of structured and unstructured data types, and It tends to come at you hard and fast! The business…..

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  • Does Big Data Make Oracle DBAs Irrelevant—or Irreplaceable?

    Jun 20, 2014

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Profiting from big data means changing how your organization views data. Big data is often unstructured, and wringing value from it demands advanced analytics. Does this mean that conventional Oracle DBAs, with their relational database focus, are irrelevant in this new world order? Or do big data challenges make the Oracle DBA role more vital than ever to business operations? Personally, I think any claims that Oracle DBAs are diminishing in relevance to today’s enterprise…..

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