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  • Why I Avoid Database Hints: a followup

    by Robert Buda | Jun 21, 2011 | Database , SQL Server

    Reading Time: < 1 minute In an earlier blog post about database hints, I gave a number of reasons why I dont like to use hints in SQL queries. Today I wanted to follow up to share one situation where I think hints are OK, even necessary. As described very well in an article in an article by Andrew Kelly in SQL Server Magazine (InstantDoc 129916),  hints are sometimes necessary when we wish to minimize logging during bulk loading operations……

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  • Secure The Database, Inside and Out

    by Robert Buda | Jun 9, 2011 | Best Practices , Database , Database Security

    Reading Time: 2 minutes It has been a relatively short time since I wrote my last post on database security but so many breaches have occurred since then that it seems like much longer. In just the past few months, Sony’s gaming system was shut down for two weeks, a nuclear facility in Iran was physically damaged by nefarious code introduced into the system, the SecureId system at Lockeed Martin was compromised, and google’s mail system was hacked again. The list…..

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  • Oracle Security: Oracle’s Audit All Command Doesn’t Really Audit All

    by Robert Buda | Mar 17, 2011 | Best Practices , Database Security , Oracle

    Reading Time: 2 minutes When attempting to make their Oracle database as secure as possible, many organizations turn on Oracle’s auditing feature. Oracle has a very robust auditing feature that enables us to log every action taken in the database. We can audit connections, object creation, data updates, deletes, and many other database activities. Some organizations turn on auditing in order to comply with regulations or corporate security policy and may not actually review the logs that are produced…..

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  • Bridge the Gap Between Database Security and Application Security

    by Robert Buda | Mar 17, 2011 | Best Practices , Database Security

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Strong Database Security Today’s database systems have sophisticated security mechanisms designed to enable the protection of data and the tracking of the viewing and modification of the data. For example, Oracle has database roles that govern what database objects a user can see and edit.  Oracle also has auditing features that enable us to track the activity of users. SQL Server has similar security features. When implemented properly, these features can be very effective at helping…..

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  • Database Security Issues in the Cloud: Part 1

    by Robert Buda | Mar 17, 2011 | Best Practices , Cloud , Database Security

    Reading Time: 3 minutes The benefits of cloud computing, including reduced IT ownership and operating costs and improved resource utilization, are just too good for many organizations to pass up. More and more businesses of all sizes are moving a wide range of applications to cloud environments. But database security concerns remain a significant barrier to cloud adoption. When your applications are running on a cloud provider’s infrastructure, the provider is responsible for ensuring that its operations, facilities, network,…..

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  • Five Leading Causes of Oracle Database Performance Problems

    by Robert Buda | Feb 3, 2011 | Best Practices , Oracle

    Reading Time: < 1 minute As we evaluate our clients’ Oracle databases and help them solve problems relating to performance and stability, we see many causes for these issues. However, there are a small number of basic issues that tend to cause problems on the majority of systems. Our Tech Tips document describes these issues and discusses methods of identifying them and resolving them. Topics include: Statistics Gathering Sga Sizing Redo Log Sizing Index Usage Extent Management Download Top 5 Oracle Performance Tuning…..

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  • Remove that Clutter: The Annual Database Security Audit and Cleanup

    by Robert Buda | Jan 3, 2011 | Best Practices , Database , Database Security

    Reading Time: 2 minutes As the New Year begins, many of us take the beginning of a new calendar year as a cue to to clean out and shred our old files and reorganize our storage spaces so that we have room for all the new supplies and equipment we will need in the new year. We do this because we know that if we did not do this each year, the task would get overwhelming and would likely…..

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  • Oracle RAC is Now Supported on VMware

    by Robert Buda | Nov 24, 2010 | Database Architecture , Oracle

    Reading Time: 2 minutes In a recent change to its long-standing policy, Oracle Corp. will now support its customers running Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) software on VMware platforms in certain circumstances. This positive move for customers was announced in a document titled “Support Position for Oracle Products Running on VMware Virtualized Environments,” which Oracle posted on its support web page on November 8. You can read the specifics of the new policy here (Oracle Support login required). Basically,…..

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  • Oracle Performance Tuning — Trust but Verify

    by Robert Buda | Nov 18, 2010 | Oracle

    Reading Time: 2 minutes During an Oracle Performance Tuning engagement in the past, I learned a valuable lesson about validating the information that you are given during a database evaluation. About ten years ago, a client called me with a serious problem. They had just completed development on a new Oracle application at a large pharmaceutical company and the new system had been in production for a week or two. They could not understand why performance had degraded so…..

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  • Oracle Performance Tuning: Periodically reorganize database objects

    by Robert Buda | Oct 21, 2010 | Best Practices , Oracle

    Reading Time: < 1 minute One of our Oracle Consultants shared a story with me today that illustrates the importance of periodically reorganizing objects in an oracle database. He was examining a performance problem with a very small oracle table. The table had only 154 rows!. Hardly a large table, and yet it was taking over a minute to do a full table scan. After some investigation, he found that in the past the table had over a million rows……

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